Nats – Raw & Vegan cakes and treats

Raw & Vegan Cakes and treats

Natsrawline is based on a simple belief : food should not only be good for you but it should be delicious too. Our treats are prepared in a pure & unprocessed way, leaving their nutritive power intact! Our desserts and snacks are Raw and plant-based. No additives or chemicals, no soy, no dairy and no gluten. Nothing is added.

Great for Vegan Lovers, Gluten freaks and Dairy free addicts.

My Story

I am Nathalie, Nats, since the age of 15 I have stopped eating meat (it just didn’t feel right), I had to find alternatives, the vegetarian diet was unknown at that time in Belgium. I have always been passionate about healthy eating, I have always truly believed “we are what we eat”.
I lived 5 years in Vancouver, Canada, where I discovered a different way of eating, I just felt so good in my mind and in my body…Plant based it was!

After those 5 years experience, I came back to Belgium and started working for a big textile company as a buyer during 8 years. Eating the way I did in Vancouver was a challenge.
In 2014, during my trip to Australia I discovered raw treats and raw cakes, it was so so good and all was vegan, gluten free and plant based. Finally something fun, tasty and good for you.
On the plane back to Belgium, I had this idea : to create yummy but healthy and natural alternatives to all the desserts and snacks full of sugar, preservatives and chemicals we have on the shelves…
I worked on the cakes and snacks during about 1 year, in between my full time job and my new born daughter, Lola, which was probably the most difficult time. In the beginning it was a disaster…I couldn’t have a “cake”, it looked more like a milk shake, but after a while I had something.
My vision : introduce a different way of eating : vegan, plant based, gluten free doesn’t mean boring or tasteless, it can be such an enjoyable moment!

I decided to propose those alternative desserts to big supermarket chains…I contacted one of the main chain in Belgium, they fell in love with the product and asked me : “when can you start? We want to be the first retailer in Belgium proposing raw and plant based desserts”.
I quit my full time job, found a factory, learned how industrial machines worked and adapted all the recipes from kitchen to factory…again one of the hardest period of my life, but so enriching!

In 2017, I created Nats Rawline. Today we distribute our treats all around the world via retailers and food service.
So many amazing people are behind Nats Rawline, I am so grateful.
In life everything is possible, you just need to do it!