The mango & pineapple mousse

For 4 people - 5 minutes of preparation (only!)


80 g of dried mangoes
50 g of dried pineapple
30 g cashews (1 handful)

Soak the mangoes, dried pineapples and cashews overnight, covered with water in one bowl. The next morning, mix everything (including the water) using a powerful blender, until you get a smooth texture. Add more water if the result is too thick. It needs a creamy consistency and quite thick.

For the toppings, let your imagination run wild: fresh fruits (blueberries, raspberries or kiwi), a handful of homemade granola, grated coconut… Everything is possible!

The extra tip: you can also make this mousse with fresh or frozen fruit by adding a banana, a little water and a handful of cashews.