My story

I have always been passionate about healthy eating. Over the past 15 years in particular I have truly believed “we are what we eat”.

Three years ago, during my honeymoon to Australia and New Zealand, I discovered raw cakes and raw treats in Sydney, the taste was amazing, and I felt fantastic!

Now, more than ever, when junk food is so accessible, I thought why not create a dessert or a snack that taste great and that’s good for you. This was to become my mission!

I tried and experimented with so many recipes, studied many inspirational books and most importantly, encouraged all my friends and family to sample my creations.

My husband, who’s from the UK and, who is very happy with his fish and chips, became my Guinee pig. Every night there would be more & more raw cakes and snacks to sample and adapt, and finally I got there!

I really hope you enjoy my creations!

“It’s time to focus on what really matters”